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Are you me when I became an entrepreneur? Not wanting to work to make others rich anymore. You got all feisty and decide come hell or high water you're gonna do the damn thing and the HATERS can't win.

Did you jump out there with little more than a recipe and dream and now have a whole lotta questions? You're always on edge because you didn't believe the razor thin profit margin was a real thing. You didn't know because you can't afford help you are the help. You didn't know that advertising and coupons are not the answer. Now you're trying to grow and scale your business and you know nothing about your brand or your market.

I was where you are. I quit my nice paying job with benefits to become a foodpreneur with my husband. I knew nothing about running a food business and soon learned my business degree was of no use. I also didn't know where to go for help because I didn't know what kind of help I needed. Nevertheless, I took my piece meal education and grew a $200/week farmers market stand into a brand that grossed over 3/4 Mil. I was headed for the $1M mark when I decided to close up shop and come help you.

I can tell you that if I had a brand strategy earlier in the game I could have made that MIL and done it sooner. I don't want you to take my long route. Recognize the game and value of building your brand. Using coupons, discounts and giveaways is not branding, it's losing money. Having a strong, distinct brand not only adds to your bottom line, it builds a tribe that allows you to work on your business and not in your business.

I want to partner with you to beat the odds. I want to shorten your learning curve. I want you to stress less and earn more. I want to see you Get Authentically Branded As FUCK (GAB AF) because ain't no body got time for the foolishness of being like everyone else.

Schedule your 15 minute discovery call. Better yet let's not waste time. Go to the services page and pick your poison.

Come on and let's do the damn thing.


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