The Fnd. Network isn’t just a membership. It’s an integral part of our movement; an ecosystem in which Black businesses are pouring into one another; using our dollars to contribute to development, expansion, and exposure.


Currency & Commitment

It begins here on our directory, where people – in all communities – can search for services, courses, and events; all Black-owned and run. It’s here that you connect with potential clients who are looking for you. Not the other way around. So you have more time to actually run your business, and do what you’re passionate about.

As a verified member of our network, Black business owners can also apply to receive full or partial funding to help cover the cost of your services. So you’re able to serve deserving founders, while still charging what you’re worth. 


Impact & Influence

We believe that equally important to providing funding, it’s imperative that we educate our community on the value of each of the services found here on our directory, and how they can help them in their business’ growth. For this, we tap our network as thought leaders and subject matter experts, of whom we interview, use to create social media and email marketing content, and more. 


These add-on packages are all cost-effective alternatives to traditional advertising; where your knowledge and expertise draw people to your brand and make an impact.

Invest in Yourself & the Community

Month after month, your membership fees go toward grants set aside specifically for our professional network, so when you’re ready to expand your business, your skillset, or team– we’ve got you!

The longer you’re a member, the more funding you’re eligible to receive. 

Whether it’s your business or someone else in the network, your dollars are continually being used to invest in businesses within our community.

So, join the network today, and become a part of the movement. It’s our time!