Fnd. offers multiple forms of funding.

For all Black business owners, you can access our funding application to apply for partial or full funding of services, memberships, courses, and/or event tickets from verified businesses found on our directory. 

Fnd. also offers regular grants in various categories throughout the year. These grant opportunities will be announced first via email, then via social media.

If you are a member of the Fnd. Network of Professionals, you are also eligible to receive funding for your business, based on the duration of your membership.

In a word– Yes.

Though we value allyship, it was important for us to create an eco-system in which our dollars are going back into supporting other Black businesses, as a means of keeping money within our community longer, and helping to support brands that are often drowned out in the general market.

During the verification process, we’re looking for the following:

  • Legal Business Entity
  • Website with your own domain (ex. www.yourbusiness.com Must not contain “Wix” or “Squarespace” in the URL)
  • Prices (or price ranges) for services clearly listed on website.
  • Must have a payment processor such as Stripe or PayPal to collect client/customer payments.
  • At least one (1) social media profile
  • At least one (1) client/customer review available online (website, social media platform, Fnd. profile, etc.)

If at any time, your business has made the changes necessary for verification, you can email us at hey@fndus.co to request a reassessment.

Note that the verification speeds may vary. If you’ve been a member of our network for more than three (3) weeks, and still haven’t been verified, you may contact us at hey@fndus.co to check the status of your account.

Funding applicants must be at least 50% Black-owned. 

Yes! One of the major benefits of membership is that you’re eligible to receive special grants specifically set aside for network members; as they’re funded in part by your membership fees. 

You’re also able to apply for funds. The longer you’ve been a member of the network, the more you’re eligible to receive.